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A Warm Welcome at The Pierre Hotel

From our dedicated team of valet attendants to our host of friendly faces, The Pierre characterizes the high-caliber services for which we are acclaimed. Top-notch comforts at our Central Park home further provide the perfect setting, delivering the best accommodation possible to our guests.

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At Your Service

Wedding Wardrobe Disaster Averted: Maurice Dancer

When a delayed flight and lost luggage left one guest without attire for his friend’s wedding. Chef Concierge Maurice Dancer quickly came to the rescue. “With only a few hours only to spare,” the guest shared, “a tux was procured and the day was saved. Impeccable service from the heart."

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All the Makings of a Memorable Stay

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Facility Fee Inclusions:

  • Electronic Newspapers & Magazines through Press Reader
  • Bedside Reading on the download (8 different books available each)
  • Water each day through Housekeeping
  • Tea & Coffee Service in the Lobby from 7am to 9:30 am each day
  • Unlimited streaming quality, highspeed wireless internet for up to 5 devices
  • Local & Domestic Phone Calls