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Discover more about The Pierre in coverage from prestigious magazines such as VOGUE, The New York Times and Forbes highlighting interesting features at the hotel.

Print Media Coverage

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Only in New York: One-of-a-kind Hotel Offerings.

Luxury Magazine

Weddings at The Pierre.

National Geographic Traveller India

India Takes Manhattan.

Online Media Coverage

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June 2017

Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Manhattan.

Vogue UK

June 2017

Best boutique New York hotels.


July 2017

Iconic New York Venues.


August 2017

The most delicious cider drinks and dishes in NYC this fall.

Marie Claire

August 2017

Chic Eco-friendly Hotels.

Reader's Digest

August 2017

14 Crazy (but Totally Real!) Requests from VIP Hotel Guests.


August 2017

Fashion 4 Development's First Ladies Luncheon.

Business Insider

September 2017

Top Concierges Reveal Unusual Guest Requests.

The New York Times

October 2017

Marathon Weekend in New York.

Man London Magazine

October 2017

The Pierre: New York’s Elegant Grand Dame Hotel.